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Welcome to Word of Life Faith Centre's Official Website, the succession of Pastor Ravi Ramnath Ministries now headed by his son Pastor Risharde Ramnath. Our sanctuary is currently located at the Scouts' Headquarters, San Fernando, Trinidad. We would like to welcome you to our worship services that start at 9 am every Sunday morning, so come on in and let the Holy Spirit have His way!  

Latest Updates

Dear partners and friends of Word of Life Faith Centre, we have been experiencing some technical difficulties providing our LIVE broadcasts as of lately. The primary issue at the moment is our Internet Service Provider (ISP) TSTT. We are working to rectify this issue as soon as possible however due to the ISP's continued confusion with the issue, it may take a while to get solved. We have tried to broadcast via an alternative internet connection however it will not provide the quality and speed we are looking for. This undoubtedly has affected our viewers and we apologize for not being able to provide you with the LIVE broadcasts. In addition, it is remarkably harder to upload the recorded videos for uploading until we get back a stable internet connection. This will affect our video updates possibly for the next week. Please bear with us while we work on our core issue at the moment: the internet connection.

Thank you for your understanding and God bless you!

Dear partners and friends of Word of Life Faith Centre,
We're are so excited to announce the launch of our new website on the internet! Our new website is at least twice as smart as our previous website. In fact, we are now part of a private cloud (rCloud) that provides our video and image content.

Social Integration

Our new website is becoming more integrated with popular social websites and in particular Facebook. Our intention is to spread the gospel to the many nations (not just our home land of Trinidad and Tobago).

Media Content Cloud - Videos/Images

We're now part of a small Cloud called rCloud. rCloud replicates our data to 2 additional servers daily thus providing additional bandwidth and processing power to serve media contact such as videos and images. Thanks be to God for being to utilize technology for the Lord's benefit.

Automatic email updates and upcoming newsletters

As a registered member of the website, you will be able to receive updates when new media and news is posted.

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Pastor Ravi, I am praising God for the healing in my left foot. I thank you for being obiedient and praying for me. I had been having a lot of trouble and pain in my heel when I would walk. I dreaded getting up in the mornings as I would have to hold on to furniture to help ease the pain in my heel. Now, when I get up there is no pain and I am even walking over a mile a day for excercise.

God also let me know that I had received some healings within my body. Thanks for praying. God Bless you and your ministry.